What does it mean when you feel that the way you see feels uncomfortable?
This generally means that your brain sees portions of your new lenses that work differently from those of your old eyeglasses as strange.
There is the type of discomfort that you do not need to worry about where you get accustomed to them after a while, and there is the type of discomfort where immediate inspections at the shop where you purchased them or by your ophthalmologist are required.

Symptom 1. The surrounding parts are blurry and perception is narrow.

This can occur when the user had been using spherically designed lenses and switched to aspherically designed lenses.
It is because of aberrations that cause distortions in the surrounding parts of the lenses as well as slight increases in power when they are spherically designed. Discomfort goes away after wearing eyeglasses such as these for long periods of time because the brain makes corrections.
When switching to lenses with aspherical surfaces with corrections made to make vision more natural, vision may seem awkward at first such as by being blurry in the surrounding part where the corrections have been made.
Continued use of the lenses is fine in such cases because this is discomfort that there is no need to worry about.
You will get accustomed to them.

You may notice distortions in the surrounding part even when using lenses for both short and far distances for the first time. This is not a case of vision being strange due to not being able to get accustomed to the distortion because of the ability to see properly as with the aspheric designs described above. They are sways and distortions particular to progressive lens designs and result in discomfort that there is no need to worry about, but please consult with your eyeglass shop if you find that you cannot get accustomed to them. There are cases where making adjustments in fitting or power may be necessary.

Symptom 2. They are of the same power but everything appears smaller and there is shaking.

Images appear smaller when myopic power is increased, but newspapers and television appearing smaller just because the power is only slightly different from that of your previous eyeglasses means that you may want to check the shape of the front surface of your eyeglass frame as this could be the cause.
For example, if you compare the eyeglass frames by looking at them from above and the new eyeglasses are more curved, this means that they are facing outward more. You are looking at an object from an angle when looking directly ahead. Myopic power is stronger at the part of the lenses toward your nose while it is weaker at the part towards your ears. This is why objects appear condensed or why it can appear blurry when looking at the clock on the wall when glancing sideways.
Although you will have to change the design of your frame, this can be solved by having the angles adjusted at your eyeglass shop in this case.
These symptoms are the same with types for both short and far distances.
If you have selected an eyeglass frame with a very curvy design, you can continue using it comfortably while maintaining its design if the lenses have been made to fit with its shape.

Symptom 3. Columns look curved and the ground looks as if it is floating.

This happens when astigmatic power or myopic power are increased.
This is partly due to the distance between the eyes and the lenses, but mostly because of differences between corrections by the brain and perception with new eyeglasses as explained with Symptom 1. You should get accustomed to this in as early as two or three days, or in about two weeks at the latest.
Please consult with your eyeglass shop if you still do not get accustomed to this and you get tired because the balance between the current accommodation capability of your eyes and the power may not be good.
Discomfort experienced when wearing new eyeglasses is due not to changes in power but factors such as lens designs, frame shapes, and fitting.
There is always the possibility of discomfort or causes not explained here so we urge you to visit your eyeglass shop if you feel that something is strange so that you can have your problem solved quickly and be able to use your eyeglasses comfortably for a long time.