This is advice on measures against glaring for those who have undergone cataract surgery.
These are explanations on sunglasses for use indoors and when driving at night.

The glaring of fluorescent lights and the flickering of computer monitors indoors are unpleasant and the glaring of headlights of oncoming vehicles when driving at night is particularly dangerous as it prevents you from being able to see your surroundings.
However, visibility cannot be decreased with darkness even if glaring from lights can be decreased by wearing sunglasses.
Therefore, here are colors with luminous transmittances of 75% or more under JIS conditions that are the most effective when driving at night.

Luminous transmittance: The transmittance of intermediate wave lengths that appear the brightest to the human eye

Advice on one point for selecting colors for use indoors and when driving at night

We recommend browns, greens, and violets for use indoors, and yellows for driving at night.
This is because the rate of scattering blue light that they cut out is significantly high among all colors that can be used when driving at night.
Please try these color samples in the shop by putting them up to your eyes and looking towards the lighting.
Please try colors for driving at night outside when it is dark with the consent of the shop.

For use indoors

◆Browns: TS
It do not stand out as it is of a light color like beige

◆Browns: NA
It is of a color one level darker than TS

◆Greens: RS
It is the lightest green but a little darker than TS

◆Greens: SA
A color tone where RS has been made dull, and is recommended for when using computers

◆Greens: SC
It is one level darker than RS

◆Violets: LV
Vision may be more natural than expected

Even those who feel that they do not need such lenses indoors, they may find upon trying out these light colors that they can provide better vision than expected.

For use when driving at night

◆Yellows: AC
They offer extremely good vision and make lights softer at night

◆Yellows: SP
A dull version of AC that makes vision pleasant even in the daytime

Lenses for when driving at night cannot be made dark like sunglasses for use in the daytime, so light is made softer rather than completely suppressed.
Please be sure to give them a try as they are more effective than light colors other than yellows.