In present day, there are lots of “Blue color light” which is said to be the cause of glare.

The “blue lights” which are the cause of glares and flickers are radiated from monitors of digital devises such as TV, PC, mobile phones and video games which are now permeating through our present lives with speed.
People who are complaining of eye strain are increasing in proportion to this permeation as the hours of the use of the digital devises increase.

In modern life, surrounded by digital devices, care for glares are needed even in the room, which can be provided by using a colored lens. The problem is that there are many people who have resistance against using these colored lenses indoor in such environments as their office.
Therefore, we developed a technique to reduce these glares and flickers by using a coating technology instead of color.
The “Blue Cut Coating” is a high-performance coating that meet the needs and lifestyle of today.


  • You feel the light ( Florescent) bright in the room.
  • The text on the TV. PC screen and mobile phone seem glary and hard to read.
  • The Prescription of your glasses are correct, but you have felt your sight blurred when reading signs out side.
  • You cannot recognize small text of newspaper or magazine clearly.
  • You feel that your eye becomes tired easily due to the bright lights recently.

If you have any checks
The Blue Cut Coat is recommended to help you.

Blue light is the cause of glares and flickers
High spec coating which matches our present life style

When you sell the Blue Cut coating and Technical Blue Cut Coating, please explain the following contents to your customers.

  • The color of the lens reflection is blue. It is different from a typical green reflection.
  • The visual sight may feel yellowish depending on the environment used.
  • The lenses may look slightly yellowish due to that the blue lights are reflected.
  • The color and tone may appear different from samples for colored lenses.
  • Due to the characteristics of the coating reflections on the backside and ghosts may appear.

What is the “Blue color light “of digital devises which is said to be the cause of glares, flickers

The shorter the wave length of the light is the more energy it has. The lights with shorter wave length, like ultraviolet rays are said to cause damage to the eyes.

“Blue color light” which has strong energy.

“Blue color light” are lights in the range of visible rays with high frequency. They are lights in-between 380nm to 530nm. (violet to blue lights)
They are worried that they may cause damage to the eyes since they have very short wave length like as ultraviolet rays.

“Blue color light” has characteristics to disperse.

The “Blue color light” which have short wave length have the characteristics to disperse, due to that they have higher possibility to hit to particles (dust and moisture) in the air.
This characteristics makes “Blue light waves” to glare and flicks, making the outline of images unclear.

Numerous “Blue color light” in our daily life.

In our daily life, we are covered with bright lights such as TV, PC monitors and LED lighting.
Many of these lights emit a lot of “Blue color light” to emphasis the brightness.

“Blue Cut Coat” is an offer to help support your comfortable life.

The fight functional coating, “Blue Cut Coating” protects your eyes by effectively cutting the “blue light” which is said to cause the flickers and glares emitted not just from the sun but from TV and LED lights, computers and smartphones.
In addition, you can maintain a comfortable view because it removes the “blue light “effectiveley leaving a bright vision.
“Blue Cut Coating” is a new concept coating that provides a new value to lenses.

Around 14.4% of the glaring short wave lights are cut.

Keeping clear view by cutting around 15% short wave light which causes glares.


Focal length is different between the length of the light wave.
When the red color is focusing on retina, the blue color which has the shortest length of wave focuses in front of retina. This is why the sight may seemed blurred.
By cutting this blue color waves the distance of this difference will be smaller and as result will provide a more clear vision.

Not possible by standard UV cut lenses. The “Blue color light” is effectively cut.

Not only the ultraviolet ray but, it also cuts the blue color light which is worried to be the cause of eye strains effectively.

*The spectral characteristics may change according to the material and coating.
* The effect may differ between individuals.


Friction free technology

Superior scratch resistance

Small resistance when cleaning the lenses making it easier to use.

Less electrostatics provides comfortable life

Protects your lenses from house dust and pollen to provide a clear site.

Anti-static provides comfortable life

Anti stain and easy to clean
Sweat, rain, oil splashes from cooking, make-up and finger prints, one wipe to clean it up.

Protects your lenses from house dust and pollen to provide a clear site.



A high-tech surface treatment creating a very smooth surface.


  • Easy to clean
  • Ultra dust and oil repellent
  • Improved vision in all circumstances