The wanted knowledge
about your eyes and glasses
from the age of 40
Ease your mind by reading this.
A book that answers to things you normally canʼt ask.
It is becoming hard to see small words
why is it?
exp. The Wanted Knowledge About Your EYEs And Glasses From The Age Of 40

The decrease of the “power of accommodation” is the main factor.

I hear a lot of words like senior eye-wear, reading glasses, progressive lens but what are them?

A Reading EYE WEAR can be classified in 4 types.

Is it true that progressive lenses are hard to get use to?

A Starting the use of progressive lens from early ages makes it easy to get use to.

Do you have any of these symptoms?

□ It seems hard to read train schedules and/or dictionaries.
□ You seem to prop out your arms when reading.
□ You get stiff shoulders when you use stress your eyes.
□ Price list of products seem to be too small.
□ You can’t place a string in a needle.
□ It is hard for you to see at evening.
□ Dishes does not look tasty.
□ You can see near range with your glasses off more then with the glasses.
□ It is tough for you to look at PC and through papers.
□ It is hard for you to see thin lines during make up.
□ It has gotten hard for you to surf through blogs and/or write blogs.
□ You can’t tell the differences of cell phone emoticons.

We recommend that you get an eye check from a local optician or at an optical shop. Early care is very important. By using eye wear fit for you it will become easier for you to read small words.

We recommend that you get a near vision check.

Can you see these words at a 30cm distance?