Functional coatings to sharpen your up High vision, dust proof, easy clean, strong, etc…
Super Power Shield Coat Superior scractch resistance.
Easy to clean.
Preventing from processing damage.
PROGUARD COAT Easy to clean.
Ultra dust and oil repllent.
Improved vision in circumstances.
Light Mirror For sunglasses.
Silver/Blue/Green mirror like reflection for a cool look.
RMC For sunglasses.
Hard coating on front surface, AR coatingon back surface.

SPS performs outstanding scratch resistance and durability created by new optical thin-film technology for the easy handling of your glasses.

Super Power Shield coating (SPS)

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A high-tech surface treatment creating a very smooth surface.



Suitable for sunglasses, high curve frames and artistic frames.
Fashionable mirror coating with mirror like reflections.

Three colors available.(Silver / Blue / Green)
Can be used for any lens that.

Front side : Light Mirror Coating
Back side : Hard Malti Coating

The image of the reflection changes according to the angle which the lensis seen.

Suitable for fashion or active scenes.


The back surface of the lens will be cated with a anti-reflection coating so that the reflection dose not bother the view.
The front surface will not have the green reflection seen on most lenses so that the fashion ability of the sunglass is not effected.

Front Surface: Enjoy the sunglasses original color

  • RMC is a match especially for sunglasses
  • RMC can protect the eye from the reflection.

Back Surface: It is easy to see without reflection

  • It is easy to see and with a comfortable image.

TOKAI UV Cut lenses cuts almost all of the harmful ultraviolet.

UV protection improved the blocks nearly 100% of harmful ultraviolet rays of 400 nanometers or less.

※ Please do not look the sun and strong light with or without ultraviolet rays cutting.