The “Climate Proof Lens”

“Ever” Lasting Performance

Never Miss Your Important Memories :

Defog coating

Never Have a Hard Time Cleaning the Lens :

Easy to Clean

Never Need to Use the Lousy Sprays :

Maintenance Spray-Free

For whom is the DFC coated lens for?

The DFC is recommended for user who feel the requirment of the maintanance spray-free troublesome.

What kind of performance characteristics does the DFC coated lens have?

The DFC prevents the lenses from fogging. Even if the lens becomes fog, the user’s view will be kept as clear enough to keep the visibility.

What kind of structure does the DFC have?

DFC has both Super Hydrophobic & Hydrophilic performance while other anti-fog coatings only have the Hydrophilic performance.
The method used to add the Super Hydrophobic performance is now being registered for patents.

Is the DFC strong against coating cracks?

The DFC has a very strong characteristic against coating cracks. This is because the DFC does not have the AR coating (inorganic materials).

What is differences between other anti-fog coatings?

DFC is a Spray(Cream)-Free Anti-Fog Coating.

Are there any other points to be careful of when using these lenses?

The DFC has a very high hydrophilic characteristic. Depending on the envioment, the DFC coated lens may become yellowish ealirer than normal lenses. Please be careful of cigerrates and other colored gasses.