The first in the industry to introduce the latest lenses to the market

Tokai Optical, which is the No. 1 specialized manufacturer of spectacle lenses and has been the first to introduce the latest lenses to the market many times.

We will continue providing our customers with a sense of comfort that they have never felt before through the developing and manufacturing of spectacle lenses.

Focus on high value addition and the latest technology

Tokai Optical works constantly on not only clear vision, but on research and development for further improvements of lens functions as well.

We are gaining recognition for our coating technology that protects lenses from refraction, tainting, and fogging, as well as for releasing products such as lenses for both the distances from computer screens and from the hands to adapt to this age of office automation into the market one after another.

The skills and manufacturing spirit of the craftsmen who can make products in two thousand different colors.

The lenses that Tokai Optical receives special orders from around the country and various countries around the world are available in roughly two thousand different colors.

Even at our factories that utilize the latest technology, it is actually our special technicians that make the final evaluations on the finished colors.

Tokai Optical’s latest spectacle lenses that make the world beautiful are the embodiment of the manufacturing spirit that has supported Japanese industry and the bond between technology and skills.

As the Japanese manufacturer of high-quality lenses that are endeared in fifty countries around the world.

In addition to expanding our sales network in Europe, where we have been venturing into since the 1990s, we are actively developing a sales network in other Asian countries and the United States as well.

We will continue to make lenses that are endeared by many people around the world as TOKAI – the manufacturer of high-quality Japanese lenses.