The GR-RESONAS is a double suface progressive lens design which reached a clear natural vision by using the latest neuroscience technologies to enhance the binocular vision.


The Clearness of the Peripheral Partial of the Lens Evaluated by the Neuroscience

Using the MEG as a Evaluation Equipment

“The manetoencephalogram is a technique for mapping the brain activity by following the magneticfields produced by the electric flow of the brain. The electric flow is caused from the excitement of the brain cells to transfer information. The manetoencephalogram can map the brain activities safely and in details (milliseconds, and in spatial resolution). A 306channel manetoencephalogram is used at the National Institute.

■ What is a Magnetoencephalogram (MEG)
The MEG measures the changes of the magnetic field made by the electric current within the brain when the neuro-cells are stimulated. The brain contains few hundred million neuro-cells and processes information by stimulating these neuro-cells. The MEF measures the change in mm segments each mseconds. This allows to know the brain activity noninvasively.

The Evaluation Process

The lens is designed with the area of which the R and L eye looks through on the lens in concern.

Double-sides Progressive + Double-sides Aspheric Design check check check check
E.N. Spiral Model check check check check
iLocation Remix   check check  
Mytune Engine   check   check
Multi Optima System 160 Patterns check check check check
N-Style Binocular Link Design check check check check
N-Style Progressive Aspheric Surface check check check check
Bs-MC(Both side-Maximum Cleary)Method check check check check
Super Flexible Inset Design   check check  
New Flexible Inset Design check     check
Retinal Focus Design check check check check
Optimized atoric on each prescription check check check check
9/70 Addition check check check check
Corridor Length 11/12/13/14/15mm 11/12/13/14/15mm 11/12/13/14/15mm 11/12/13/14/15mm

The 2 Types Selectable from Life Style

Mild Type and Clear Type

Mild Type and Clear Type


For users whom spends a longer time indoor,


Office worker, Sales staff, House wife and etc.


For users whom spent a longer time outdoor,


Drivers, Contractors, Athlete.

Multi Optima System

The designs specifically chosen automatically for a better comfort according to the selected type and prescription out of 1,600 initial designs.

Multi Optima System

5 Types of Selectable Progressive Corridors

11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm

The progressive corridor can be specified from 11 to 15mm by 1mm step. This allows the wearer to choose their frames from a wider variation not only but can be specified for a smooth switch from their old progressive lens by specifying the same progressive corridor length.

5 Types of Selectable Progressive Corridors

Corridor Length

Nstyle Binocular Link Design

Process 1    The different rout seen through of the R and L when shifting the vision

The amount of astigmatism looked through differs between the R and L eye making it difficult to see in binocular vision

The Different Rout Seen Through of the R and L When Shifting the Vision

The Simulation of the Binocular Vision
The area of the lens used when looking at point 1 is the same with the R and L eye. But when looking at point 4 the R eye looks through the partial near the ears while the L eye looks through the partial near the nose. This can also be said in the near vision such as when looking at point 3 the L eye looks through a point even closer to the nose.

Process 2    The Reduction of the Difference

A clear and natural binocular vision is realized by reducing the difference of the abberation.

The Reduction of the Difference