The color coating made for anti-aging care just for woman.

It is an important and urgent issue for the companies now to catch the attention of woman which has large share of active consumption action in the market. To deal with this issue, TOKAI formed the project team “JYOSHIKAI” (named from the word girls meeting in Japanese) consisted only by women and started the product development from the viewpoint by woman. We pass through many aspects and thoroughly investigate a female oriented market without being seized with the limit of the glasses lens. As a result, we paid our attention to the field of beauty, the anti-aging.

Women are sensitive to the change of the appearance particularly to the change of “the skin”. Interest in anti-aging care grows from even at the age of 20s and increasing, in addition women at the age of 40s-50s are the generation when a average person starts to have economic room and time to start caring for aging care. Therefore TOKAI developed the color coat “HADABIJIN” for women whom wish to be beautiful and young all the times such as at work or even in the house. Following the personal color theory TOKAI chose the color choice which provides a makeup effect easily and can show the whole face youthfully and brightly.

The color choice chosen following “the personal color theory”

“The Personal color theory”” is a theory to find the color which looks good for each person.

The personal color which draws out the persons charm differs by each person according to the skin, hair and eye color.
One of the methods to find out this color to look good with is the base color diagnosis.
It is a method to determine whether you look good with yellow base color (yellowish colors) and the blue bass (bluish color). Generally, the yellow base colors have the effect to add colors to the skin to make it look well, and the blue base color takes out the color from the skin to make the skin look whiter.
“HADABIJIN” is developed with the color variations that follow these base colors so that the personal color can be found effectively for more people.

Color coordinator supervises a beautiful eye

Using the diagnosis method called the personal color diagnosis and taste scale method; she suggests the fashion type and glasses that fits each person. Her activities vary through many fields such as saloons, classes, event planning, and online shops.

Realize a beautiful eye by “W guard”

The special function color and coating provides “W guard”

The “HADABIJIN” cuts out ultraviolet rays and blue light that are harmful to the eyes effectively and protects the eyes using a functional color dye and coating technology.
Stains and wrinkles are prevented by cutting out almost 100% of ultraviolet rays. * Stain and/or wrinkles cannot be erased with this product. Blue light blocked to reduce flickers and glares prevents eye strains prevents wrinkles between the eyebrows

The violet reflections show the face even more beautifully!!

The standard green reflection is changed to violet providing a beautiful eye line to show your face even more beautifully. In addition an easy to clean dust resistance layer is added to keep it clean.

The neuroscience technology verifies the effect of the “HADABIJIN”

The “HADABIJIN” provides the increase of attractive degree!

Tokai Optical and the NTT data research institute collaborated on investigations to prove this theory. People wearing the “HADABIJIN” are taken more attractive than others when seen. These studies were done based on previous work done on how a person decides whether a person or object is attractive to them. When a person sees an attractive face(object) compared to none attractive face(object) the event related potential swings to the positive side after 350mm seconds from the stimulation. This is called the late positive potential. In this experiment we have measured the brain waves of the subject to find if this late positive potential could be found when the “HADABIJIN” is worn. As a result, we were able to find the late positive potential when the objective is wearing a “HADABIJIN” that matches its personal color. Thus from this experiment we are able to say that even from another person. (From the collaborative investigation with the Institute for NTT data management)

The “HADABIJIN” Color to Reduce the Appearance Age

You can choose the best match for each customer to brighten and return youth to their skin from 6 colors designed following the personal color theory.

The yellow base color

Yellow base has effect to strengthen the skin color, improving the skin color.

Makes Your Skin
More Supple and Radiant.

The following 3 colors are recommended for whom the yellow base color matches.

The blue base color

The blue base colors reduces the skin color to make the skin look whiter and with transparency providing an elegant and polished impression.

Makes Your Skin
More Whiter and with Transparency.

The following 4 colors are recommended for whom the blue base color matches.

“The LUTINA material” is available for 15% half and 25% half only.

All the photographs are images. The effect may not differ among individuals.