For sitting in front of the computer monitor, eating, or relaxing while watching television although modern senior citizens spend their leisure time actively, many of it is spent indoors. However, the way that the eyes are used indoors is characterized by the heavy use of the middle portions of progressive addition lenses. Smooth transitions in sight at short and intermediate distances and a wide field of vision. Please try these lenses that provide comfortable vision in environments such as those in your home and your office.

Offering comfortable vision in the indoor environment

Area to see at the intermediate part / Area to see at the near

INDOOR / All Round PAL / Reading PAL


First Priority Shifting Design

  • The start of the near vision designed 13mm under the fitting point.
  • Easy to use near vision
  • Designed for usage with other basic progressive lenses
  • 25% power addition at the fitting point.
  • Comfortable vision and longer vision range achieved at the fitting point by lowering the power addition at the fitting point.

Optimized Distribution in Near vision(O.D.N.)

Distortions are reduced in hand range(Nose side).

Near vision to see clearly

The progressive portion of these lenses has been designed
to offer a wider field of vision.

When looking at medium-range positioned objects, your eyes tend to move extensively rather than simply stay focused on a fixed point. With this in mind, we designed lenses that offer you a broader intermediate field of vision. These lenses have also been designed to enable wearers to see objects positioned beyond the medium range while maintaining the broadness of the field of vision.

The progression in power addition from close-up viewing
to medium-range positions is smooth.

Since the progression in power addition from the near portion to the fitting point has been designed to be smooth, a clear field of view at medium-range distances can be obtained with little swaying feeling or distortions.

Depth perception at medium-range distances has been expanded.

The progressive corridor has been designed to be long in order to extend the distance to which medium-range positioned objects can be comfortably seen. For this reason, objects at medium-range distances can be seen easily even in cases involving a low addition power and substantial depth perception can also be obtained for the field of view at mid-range distances where higher addition power apply.

Medium-range positioned objects can be seen through a comfortable line of sight.

While medium-range positioned objects are seen when looking upwards with wide-vision lenses, INDOOR lenses allow wearers to see such objects through a comfortable line of sight above the fitting point.



Optimized Power on each prescription + Retinal Focus Design

The Designed Optical Performance is realized for each prescription by Appling the aspheric according to each power.Conventional front surface progressives had the aspheric on the front surface.

If the power prescribed is off from the targeted curve the optical performance decreased. Since the aspheric is provided according to each prescription the NEX filter will