Mytune Engine Frame Shape Needed (Fax or Online)

The lens will be personally made using the frame shape and eyepoint data.

The design will be arranged just to fit the selected frame and your eye data.

Not Average but Personal

The Mytune Engine analyzes the position of your eyes, and the frame shape of your choice to design the progressive surface just for you.

The Standard Value for the Mytune Engine

The standard design for the Mytune is designed for a 35mm × 52mm frame and the eye point is assumed 3mm up, and 3mm in from the boxing center. From the standard design the design is re arranged according to the personal data.

Compensation According to the Frame Shape

A clear vision is provided only for you by appling a original compensation for the shape of your frame.

Compensation According to the Eye Point Data

Comfortable vision is achieved by compensating the design according to the eye point data.