The flagship of progressive lens has evolved “NEUROGRAN series” released on June 1st 2021.

On June 1, 2021, the design of the NEUROGRAN will be renewed, and the concept of FIT and PRESSO designs will be added to the line up.
“This time, “”Variable Zone Control,”” which has been adopted for RESONASX, is introduced to NEUROGRAN on the occasion of the renewal of its design.
This Variable Zone Control ensures improved comfort of use for near vision by adopting a “”right and left separate progressive surface design,”” which changes with the power and optimizes the power of the right and left lenses for near vision.”

First, lifestyle select (Distance in life)
■ DAILY・・・Clear view for driving and sports usage
■ TOWN・・・Comfortable vision for shopping and business usage in the city
■ HOME・・・Full range of vision in the office and home
■ LIVING・・・Wide vision at the desk work distance
Second, My Feel Select (Select from the feeling)
■TypeM・・・Mild type, designed to disperse distortion
■TypeC・・・Clear type, designed to see a far distance with a wider view
■TypeN・・・New balance type, designed to see medium and near distances with a wider field of view
■TypeW・・・Wide type, designed in a well-balanced manner to see both far and near distances with a wide field of view”

For more information, please check to “NEUROGRAN series” page.