Newly designed near vision progressive lens, “DIGI RAKUE” released on November 1st 2021.You can see things nearby very easily and comfortably!

Tokai Optical Co., Ltd. released “DIGI RAKUE” on November 1st, 2021.
“Digital devices, including personal computers and smartphones, have been widely spread even among people called active seniors, and they are occasionally referred to as “digital seniors.”
“DIGI RAKUE” lenses are special wide near vision lenses for these seniors.”
① Wide field of vision and long and deep field of vision with DIGI RAKUE
Featuring a new design compatible with digital devices, DIGI RAKUE lenses realize comfortable and wide vision not only in the lateral direction but also in the lengthwise direction.

② Unstrained posture even in long-time deskwork with DIGI RAKUE
Single focal point lenses exclusively for near vision compel the user to bring his/her face close to the display and keep a strained posture because of an insufficient lengthwise field of vision.DIGI RAKUE lenses enable the user to see things at hand and things at some distance ahead in a natural posture.

DIGI: Stands for digital. It means a digital device, such as a personal computer or smartphone.
RAKUE: Japanese word that means (1) being easy to do or (2) being comfortable and restful without physical and mental suffering.

For more information, please check to “DIGI RAKUE” page.