The pleasantly wide and mild vision makes sight even clearer and more comfortable.

We cannot do without our cars, televisions, computers, or mobile phones.

They are constantly becoming more a part of our vision life.

Beluna Resonas Fit was developed with advanced lens designing that adopts ergonomics and neuroscience, and is a revolutionary progressive addition lens that can be used for far, intermediate, and short distances every day while providing mild vision in the distances of our lives and a good fit.


There are many daily users of lenses for both near and far distances who are concerned with handling and difficulty in seeing car navigation systems while driving.
Beluna Resonas Fit is a progressive addition lens that makes the area between the location in front of you and intermediate distances wider and mild.


Beluna Resonas Fit is a progressive addition lens that makes transitions from the keyboard in front of you to the monitor smooth and mild.


Mobile phones have become such a part of the lives of modern people that not a day passes by where we do not look at their screens.
Beluna Resonas Fit is a progressive addition lens that makes your peripheral vision clear.


The common understanding that large-screen televisions are to be viewed from a distance is changing.
Now, the optimal distance for viewing the television screen is roughly three times the height of the screen due to their having become highly functional.

Beluna Resonas Fit is a progressive addition lens that makes it easy to see objects at medium distances, which are a huge part of our vision life.

■Fitting with distances in our lives

Offering mild vision that is useful in the distances in our lives.
Excellent fitting for far, intermediate, and short distances made possible with the adoption of neuroscience in development and backed by the quantification of sensibility.

N-style Super Smooth design

It is new design improved comfortableness at middle range of vision. N-style wide and smooth design of RESONAS is the basic. The new design is for all-round use glasses. Aberration is smoothly spread over the far to intermediate area. Setting more unknowable low aberration area, there is improvement of wide vision and also optimizing sway and distortion around the intermediate area

N-style Natural Fitting Line design

Depth of vision field at middle range are is optimized by controlling additional power around a point, 7 mm down from the eye-point. According to ergonomics, people turn their glance of eye naturally to the point when sitting.

Please be note that you may feel some blur at far vision with Resonas Fit than the conventional progressive lenses.