Special aspheric design for astigmatism eyes “SMART TORIC”(Back side aspheric) released on June 1st 2021.

Tokai Optical Co., Ltd. released a new special aspheric design for astigmatism eyes”SMART TORIC”(Back side aspheric) June 1st, 2021, which is a clear field of vision will change your world
A good balance between clear vision (eyeglass power) and a feeling of wearing is realized by adding a new astigmatism balance design.SMART TORIC, which focuses on providing comfort of viewing for astigmatic eyes, offers a new solution to astigmatism.

Recommend for
■ The light of the traffic signal is blurring.
■ I have trouble reading the letters displayed on the screen of the smartphone.
■ I get tired when I wear eyeglasses for a long time.
■ The outer portion of the field of view id distorted.
■ I have trouble reading the letters of books.
■ I am afraid of driving on rainy days.
■ I see double of the letters displayed on the screen of the PC.
■ I feel something uncomfortable.”
※What people feel is different among them. If you have trouble with your vision, consult a doctor.

For more information, please check to “SMART TORIC” page.