“NCC(Neutral Colour Coat)” relaesed on May 1st 2016. Colouring the Black World. New Colours for Sunglasses, Made by the Coating.

TOKAI released “NCC(Neutral Colour Coat)” on May 1st 2016. Colouring the Black World, See Colours as they are

This special coating dims the vision field by equally cutting out all of the visible light waves. By doing so there is less change of Colours which is noticed on ordinary sunglasses. This is the same technology used for natural density filters for cameras.

The Neutral Colour Coating realizes a more natural view then ordinary sunglasses by cutting out all of the visible lights equally. Unlike ordinary colours the long wave length light waves are also cut out to dim the view without making a difference in which light to transmitte,Max Shield Coating in standard : Resistance to dirt, dust, and stain

Neutral Color Coat Dark (NCC Dark)
Neutral Color Coat Light (NCC Light)

Available material
Super High Refractive Index Material 1.76

Except Photochromic material