Released “NWS – New Double Surface Progressive Lens” on November 1st 2016. Go Beyond Imagination; Much More “Wide&Wide” .

TOKAI released “NWS – New Double Surface Progressive Lens” on November 1st 2016. From Far to near, wide and clear vision field has been realized by “Neo Wide Area Design” and “Double-Surface Progressive”+ “Double-Surface Aspheric” design of “NWS”.

The Perfect Match (PM) Series has now reached a new level in providing a even wider view. The new “NWS” brings a wide view in both far and near vision fields by upgrading the design to the “Neo Wide Area Design” and designing it as a “Double-Surface Progressive” + “Double-Surface Aspheric” design.

“NWS” is designed to make the vision field wider and clearer by widening the side area of far vision and the entrance of near vision and reducing aberration at the same time. This “New Wide Area Design” has been developed by newly adopting “Dx refinement process”, which is the improved version of “A Comfortable & Wide Far Vision Field Design”in PM.

The four levels of PM series(“NWS” / SERENO IS / SERENO NEX / PM) can cover various needs of senior users of progressive lenses, regardless of their experience. The”NWS”has been developed as the result of continuous evolution by adopting “Double-Surface Progressive”+”Double-Surface Aspheric” design.