New released “Ultra Shield Coating” the ultimate solution against scratches.

TOKAI will release the “Ultra Shield Coating” which is a high standard coating designed for comfortable daily use on April 1st 2017. The coating makes the lens comfortable to use by outstandingly achieving strong resistance to scratches, stains and dust. Also 360°protection against UV-rays.

The “Ultra Shield Coating” realizes a scratch resistant capability which is around 6 times stronger* to scratches than the other coatings before. Difficult to get smudges and at the same time easy to clean smudges with a very high standard hydrophobic and oil repellent surface. Repeals dust with anti static capability and also even has 360°protection against UV-rays.

Tested and proven that there is less microscopic scratches that can become visible when used with TOKAI’s Original Scratch Manifestation Test.(Patent#5740607) TOKAI’s “Ultra Shield Coating” provides the ultimate solution to protect lens you use over day.

The capability of the Ultra Shield Coating

●Strong against scratches
●Strong against daily activities
●360°protection against UV-rays
●Strong against cracks
●Strong against stains
●Strong against dust

Ultra Shield Coat