The introduction of 3 new colors for the CCP/STG series.

TOKAI will add 3 new colors to the CCP/STG series of absorption lenses starting from the 6th of April.

As the population ages, the number of people who have trouble with eye disorders will increase. With glares, blurring of contrast and difficulty of adapting to darkness these eye disorders can connect to a negative influence on QOL (Quality Of Life).

Absorption lenses are welcomed by many customers who need to cut the glares no matter whether they have eye disorders or not, and the needs for it is recently increasing. The distinctive characteristic of absorption lenses to cut short wavelength light waves, including UV-rays makes these lenses a high function sunglass in which can be used in many occasions.

With the addition of the 3 new colors, TOKAI’s CCP/STG series will now have 26 colors in total so that each customer can find the best color to meet there needs.

The Details of the 3 new colors

  • CH (The Visible Transmittance 34%: Brownish color)
  • WH (The Visible Transmittance 36%: Greenish color)
  • HG (The Visible Transmittance 35% : Grayish color)

Available products: Each product in index 1.67,1.60,1.50