Individualization options according to life style for the RESONAS X series. New designs to the series released on June 1st 2020.

Tokai Optical Co., Ltd. released new designs for the RESONAS X series of progressive lenses incorporating neuroscience, with the addition of individual designs, on June 1.

The RESONAS X series is a new generation of standard lenses that are easy to get used to and offer the added benefit of good vision.

Now with the new designs, the RESONA X series can be individualized based on not only parameters (vertex distance, wrap angle, tilt angel) but life style as well, with the separately prepared designs made with weight on different distances. Combine with options to make a perfect match.

RESONAS X series’ four scenes for different purposes

DAILY … Clear vision for driving and sports
RESONAS X series.

TOWN・・・・・ Comfortable visibility for shopping and business in the city
RESONAS X-Fit Series

HOME・・・・・ Wide and deep visibility in the office or home
RESONAS X Presso Series (long)

LIVING … A spacious view at the desk or in the living room
RESONAS X Presso series (wide)

Released Product


●RESONAS X Fit i / MTi

●RESONAS X Presso i / MTi

For more information, please check to RESONAS X series page.

RESONAS X series