Vision Harmony

Lenses produced through a combination of leading-edge technologies

The development of materials representing the ultimate in high polymer chemistry

Refractive index, specific gravity, and chromatic aberration (Abbe number) are known as the three elemental properties of lenses. Tokai Optical Co., Ltd., is committed to striking the optimal balance of these elemental properties, which are essential for manufacturing comfortable lenses, and will not cease in its ongoing quest to introduce technical innovations and undergo processes of trial and error. Ultra-high index lenses, developed in recent years, have been especially well received as a superior product for both thinness and lightness, as well as in terms of chromatic aberration, weather resistance, and manufacturing factors. Using a broad array of materials, we provide robust support for the more active lifestyles of eyeglass wearers.

Harnessing advanced optical design to produce eye-friendly lenses

Aspherical lenses developed from computer-based simulations and leading-edge design theories deliver natural vision with minimal distortion, reduced peripheral distortion, and little astigmatic aberration in an ultra-thin package. In addition, we strive to enhance lenses for career professionals by providing comfort for all types of eyes.

Surface treatment technologies for creating functions that provide optimal comfort in lenses

Surface treatment technologies help create the functions that provide far greater comfort in lenses. Examples multi-coatings include antireflective (AR) and scratch-resistant coatings, and hydrophobic treatment. In particular, AR coatings constitute an evaporated film measuring only 1/2000 mm in thickness and are applied in a clean room with state-of-the-art equipment. Furthermore, advanced coating options—including FOGGY Guard Coating, a proprietary nanotechnology product that prevents glasses from fogging up, and Power Shield Coating, the latest in coating innovations for preventing scratches—gives us the tools with which to promise users the ability to see with greater levels of convenience and comfort.

Providing production technologies to satisfy individual needs

Using TOS (Tokai Order Service) to give form to the needs of users

A production system that encompasses lens edging, slicing, lens mounting, and craft processing and that can promptly and precisely accommodate the diverse needs of customers represents the very core of Tokai Optical. TOS (Tokai Order Service) is an advanced laboratory function set up to enable the efficient production of Rx lenses, where the volume is increasing yearly. Our fully operating production line works around the clock 365 days a year to ensure that orders are received and shipped within three days and that the manufacture of lenses is undertaken in a manner that carefully meets the needs of each of our customers.

International quality assurance standard ISO 9001 certification and environmental standard ISO 14001 certification obtained

In March 1996, we became the first company in the ophthalmic lens industry in Japan to obtain the ISO (International Organization for Standardization)-backed international quality assurance standard ISO 9002 certification. In October 2000, the company obtained ISO 9001 certification, a higher-level standard that also covers quality control issues at the design development stage. The company rigidly and steadily continues to upgrade its top-notch quality assurance system. We also obtained environmental standard ISO 14001 certification at the same time upon taking into account the need to be in harmony with the global environment and will continue to pursue manufacturing activities that conform to our dedication to reliable quality and the environment.

Enacted in 1987 by the ISO as standards governing quality control and quality assurance, ISO 9001 is a set of international standards setting forth requirements for the quality assurance system in each company rather than for the products themselves.
ISO 14001 was enacted in 1996 by the ISO as a set of international standards governing environmental management systems in order to reduce, via ongoing improvements, environmental burdens and risks from the procurement of raw materials, production processes, waste generation, and other factors.

Always striving to understand the needs of our customers

Our network spans the entire country

In order to address the needs of our valued customers, we have built a network connecting approximately 4,000 blue-chip specialty stores and franchise stores nationwide with our head office customer service center. In addition to the basic ability to go online and check inventory levels, we are also continuously striving to promptly and precisely fill special orders. In addition, we have also recently unveiled the SAPOT system, which represents a significant improvement over this online ordering system. Using a three-dimensional tracing function, users can easily input frame information at an exceptional level of precision (5/1000 mm) to promptly place online orders for steps encompassing everything from the lens to the edging process.

Promoting proposal-based operations that prioritize the opinions of customers

Nothing is of greater importance for the activities of our Sales Division than the unvarnished opinions of our customers. Opinions collected through face-to-face interactions in stores are meticulously gathered, and feedback is correspondingly provided. We actively conduct proposal-based technology-driven operations. In particular, opinions made by customers indicating a particular area of concern are addressed by our entire workforce consisting of everyone from developers to production, administrative, and sales personnel. We aim to create a system capable of responding to the market with greater agility. Furthermore, we also participated in the International Optical Fair Tokyo (IOFT) for eyeglasses and contact lenses in order to showcase our products to potential customers representing a broad range of attributes and areas. These products garnered acclaim from countless visitors. Our scientific approach to marketing also begins with dialogue entered into with our customers. This describes the essence of the art of direct marketing by Tokai Optical.