Enacted in 1987 by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) for governing quality control and quality assurance, ISO 9001 is a set of international standards setting forth requirements for corporate quality assurance systems rather than for the products themselves.

We have also obtained ISO 9001 certification, which covers quality control issues during the stages of product development and have formulated a quality policy where we rigidly and steadily continue to upgrade our quality assurance system.

Quality Policies

We offer products of quality that provide our customers a sense of trust and satisfaction.


ISO 14001 was enacted in 1996 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as a set of international standards involving environmental management systems in order to reduce, via ongoing improvements, environmental burdens and risks from the procurement of raw materials, production processes, waste generation, and other factors.

We have also obtained ISO 14001 certification (for our head office, Kamoda factory, and Shinpukuji office), set down our environmental policies based on it, and promote ongoing improvements in our Environment Management System.
Please see here for details on our efforts in environmental conservation.

Environmental Policies

We co-exist in harmony with the local society and the natural environment.

Aichi Quality

Aichi Quality companies are companies that have garnered national and global recognition for the manufacturing capabilities of Aichi Prefecture and are certified as Aichi Quality companies for displaying excellent skills while promoting the manufacturing capabilities of Aichi as a global brand.

We are a unique company that is the only specialized manufacturer of spectacle lenses in Japan that handles everything from the developing of materials to designing, secondary processing, and distribution on its own, and have been certified as an Aichi Quality company upon having been highly evaluated on the bases of various certification standards.


Made in Nagoya

The Made in Nagoya project is held by the Nagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry and awards and promotes excellent companies that support manufacturing in the Nagoya region (Aichi, Gifu, Mie). Companies that have been awarded are given strong support in their further developments while the strengths of the Nagoya region, which has manufacturing companies that are full of creativeness and diversity, is promoted nationwide and throughout the world.

We are the only specialized manufacturer of spectacle lenses in Japan that has been honored this award for being recognized as a befitting part of the Made in Nagoya project.

300 of Japan’s Vibrant Manufacturing SMEs in 2009

The 300 of Japan’s Vibrant Manufacturing SMEs in 2009 are selected by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in hopes of further motivating them and getting young people interested in the field of manufacturing by widely exposing to the public about manufacturing SMEs that play important roles but are usually unnoticed.

We are involved in all fields related to spectacle lenses and develop products of high standards in terms of heat resistance and weatherability as well as being both lightweight and thin.
We were selected as one of the 300 of Japan’s Vibrant Manufacturing SMEs in 2009 upon our having been recognized for our efforts in the building of an infrastructure of an optical thin film business using the vacuum deposition technology that we had cultivated for many years.

SME Research Center Award (Tokai regional award)

The SME Research Center Award (currently the Good Company Award) was established in 1967 and is aimed at contributing to Japan’s economy by discovering and awarding outstanding SMEs throughout the country.

We have been given this award for being a specialized manufacturer of spectacle lenses with excellent product development capabilities and processing technology that has established a strong presence in the industry with our own strategy that consists of a customization system and direct selling system of full line products that are adapted to users while contributing greatly to the comfortable lives of those who wear eyeglasses.