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Various certification qualifications


ISO 9001 is a standard for quality control and quality assurance established in 1987 by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization).It is an international standard that specifies requirements not only for the product itself but also for the quality assurance system of companies. That’s it.

We have also acquired ISO 9001, which covers quality control at the development stage, and have formulated a quality policy to strictly and steadily maintain a quality assurance system.

quality policy
We provide quality products that earn the trust and satisfaction of our customers.


ISO 14001 is an international standard for environmental management systems established in 1996 by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) in order to reduce environmental loads and environmental risks caused by raw material procurement, manufacturing processes, disposal, etc. through continuous improvement. Standard.

Our company has also acquired ISO14001 (headquarters, Kamoda factory, Shinpukuji office), based on which we formulate our environmental policy and promote continuous improvement of our environmental management system. Please click here for more information on our environmental initiatives.

Environmental policy
We will achieve symbiosis and harmony with local communities and the natural environment.


ISO13485 is an international standard for quality management systems specific to the medical device industry established in 1996 by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization). It is used as a basis for quality control methods in the regulations related to medical devices in countries around the world, including Japan.

We also have a management system in place to reduce risks related to product and service regulations for plastic eyeglass lenses for export.

quality policy
We provide quality products that earn the trust and satisfaction of our customers.

Aichi brand

“Aichi Brand Company” In order to widely appeal the capabilities of the prefecture’s manufacturing industry both domestically and internationally and develop Aichi’s manufacturing into a global brand, Aichi’s excellent manufacturing companies are designated as “Aichi Brand Company”. We are certified.

As the only manufacturer specializing in eyeglass lenses in Japan, we have been highly evaluated in each certification standard and have been certified as an “Aichi Brand Company”. it was done.

Manufacturing brand NAGOYA

“Manufacturing Brand NAGOYA” is sponsored by the Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and by honoring and promoting excellent companies that support “manufacturing” in the Nagoya area (Aichi, Gifu, Mie), the further development of the award-winning companies. While strongly supporting , we will appeal to domestic and overseas the underlying strength of the Nagoya area, which has a group of creative and diverse “manufacturing” companies.

As the only manufacturer specializing in spectacle lenses in Japan, our company was selected for this award as a company suitable for the “manufacturing brand NAGOYA”.

2009 300 energetic small and medium-sized manufacturing companies

The 300 Vibrant Manufacturing SMEs of 2009 is an initiative by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency to widely show the public, etc., the manufacturing SMEs that are usually invisible but play an important role. It was selected with the expectation that it would further motivate these small and medium-sized enterprises and stimulate interest in the field of manufacturing, especially among young people.

We are involved in all fields related to spectacle lenses, and in addition to achieving both lightness and thinness, we have developed high-level products in terms of heat resistance and weather resistance. We were selected as one of the 300 Vibrant Monodzukuri SMEs in 2009 in recognition of our efforts to build a foundation for the optical thin film business based on our long-cultivated vacuum deposition technology.

Small and Medium Enterprise Research Center Award (Tokai District Award)

The Small and Medium Enterprise Research Center Award (currently known as the Good Company Award) was established in 1967 with the aim of contributing to the Japanese economy by discovering and honoring excellent small and medium enterprises nationwide.

As a specialized manufacturer of spectacle lenses with excellent product development capabilities and processing technology, we have established a solid position in the industry through our unique strategy based on a custom-made production system and a direct sales system for full-line products that are tailored to users. This award was given in recognition of the significant contribution made.

2023 Certified Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (Small and Medium Enterprise Category)

“Health management” is to think about the health management of employees from a management perspective and implement it strategically. Investing in the health of employees, etc., based on the corporate philosophy, is expected to revitalize the organization, such as improving employee vitality and productivity, and as a result, lead to improved business performance and an increase in stock prices. . Since fiscal 2014, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has been selecting “Health and Productivity Stocks” as various commendation systems related to health and productivity management.

Considering employee health management from a management perspective and strategically implementing “Health and Productivity Management” initiatives have been evaluated as excellent, we have been selected as a 2023 Health and Productivity Management Organization (small and medium enterprise category) for the second consecutive year. Certified.

Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition (Valid until March 31, 2024)

Aichi Prefecture SDGs registration certificate

The “Aichi Prefecture SDGs Registration System” aims to promote specific SDGs-related initiatives by registering companies and organizations that are working to achieve the SDGs, and by “visualizing” the efforts of companies, etc. I’m doing it.
・Implement initiatives related to all three aspects of economy, society, and the environment
・Set specific goals for initiatives and link
them to SDGs goals
In the “Tokai Optical SDGs Declaration” established on September 27, 2021, we have announced our efforts to connect SDGs to corporate activities and management strategies. Among these, we are working to create a workplace that is easy for employees to work in after being certified as an “Small and Medium Enterprise Health and Productivity Management Excellent Corporation 2022”, and we are continuing to operate a “Complete Zero Emission Factory” by properly separating waste. It includes things like being there. These contents were evaluated and registered as certified.

Aichi CO2 Reduction Manifesto 2030 Certification

In February 2018, Aichi Prefecture formulated the “Aichi Global Warming Prevention Strategy 2030”. The prefecture has launched the “Aichi CO2 Reduction Manifesto 2030” to certify and publicize it.

Our company has set a goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 9% (compared to 2021) toward fiscal 2030, and our efforts to introduce renewable energy have been evaluated and certified.

Intellectual Property Achievement Award

Awarded by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Patent Office as a “Excellent Company Utilizing the Intellectual Property System” given to companies that have contributed to smooth operation and development by effectively utilizing the intellectual property system. Awarded.