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Rapid changes in the global environment, including global warming caused by greenhouse gases, are an urgent and unavoidable problem for people all over the world. TOKAI OPTICAL will not only tackle environmental issues as a company, but all employees will work together to become a driving force for the realization of a sustainable future.

A completely zero-emission factory that recycles* 100% of the waste generated

At TOKAI OPTICAL, all employees work together to implement 4R (reduce, reuse, recycle, and refuse) activities. In October 2005, we realized a “Complete Zero Emission Factory” where 100% of the industrial waste and general waste (combustible waste, garbage, etc.) discharged from the factory is recycled.Since then, for more than 15 years, we have continued distillation regeneration, material and thermal recycling, focusing on the recycling of plastics and metals such as aluminum, copper, and rare metals, and have continued to achieve a complete zero-emission factory.

  • Up to 50g/day of household waste per person is allowed.

Prevention of global warming Efforts to reduce CO2 emissions

3.11 triggered a change in the mindset of all employees

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, TOKAI OPTICAL has taken company-wide power-saving measures, strictly following the temperature settings of air conditioners, turning off unnecessary power sources, and gradually switching to LED lighting.

Aichi CO2 Reduction Manifesto 2030

Declare the “Aichi CO2 Reduction Manifesto 2030” in 2022 and set a target of reducing CO2 emissions by 9% * by 2030. Introduce renewable energy, change factory equipment to energy-saving equipment, and at the same time, just sizing for proper usage We share the latest environmental information throughout the company and continue to work while raising environmental awareness .

*Based on FY2021

Activities to save resources and reduce waste from TOKAI OPTICAL

At TOKAI OPTICAL, we are promoting activities to save resources and reduce waste by involving local communities and our business partners, opticians.

Reduction of water resources

We manufacture “eyeglass lenses” and “optical thin films” and use a large amount of water in our factories for surface cleaning. Introduced a purification treatment facility for water used in the head office factory and Shinpukuji office. By recycling water within the factory, We are reducing the amount of city water (regional water resources) by approximately 250㎥/day.

Resource and energy saving in transportation

As part of our waste reduction activities, we have reviewed the delivery method of materials, etc., and promoted the use of reusable returnable boxes and the elimination of packaging . when shipping products.

Reduction of environmental impact at delivery destinations

Developed a delivery system that greatly improves the delivery form of eyeglass lenses. We are reducing the amount of waste and wastewater generated during processing at eyeglass stores, thereby reducing the environmental impact.

Pursuing the way factories should be in a sustainable society

TOKAI OPTICAL aims to be a factory that gives maximum consideration to the local environment in order to realize a sustainable society. can contribute tothe community even in the event of a disaster.

Please see here for some of the equipment we have installed so far .