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TOKAI OPTICAL Group SDGs Declaration

“The TOKAI OPTICAL Group will connect ‘SDGs’ to corporate activities and management strategies, and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society through proactive efforts.”

Human rights / Employment

We will provide a work environment where all employees can feel that their work is rewarding and comfortable, and they can work with peace of mind.

Local contribution

We will contribute to the creation of vibrant local communities and the development of the next generation who will lead the future.

Environmental measures

Aiming for symbiosis and harmony with the natural environment, we will work on environmental load reduction and environmental conservation.

Solving social issues

We will continue to develop and propose technologies to meet a wide variety of needs, with the motto of “growing together with our customers” as our starting point.

Promotion of quality improvement

While aiming to improve product quality, we will promote quality control for safety and security.