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Spectacle lenses which walk your life with you.

Tokai Optical has been seriously facing spectacle lenses for more than 80 years. Over this long period of time, we have experienced and learnt many things, which we have utilized in the development of better products. Just as the progress of the times makes the world more convenient, the spectacle lenses we produce will continue to evolve to make your life more comfortable.

The relations with the eyes and the brain. The technology of Neuroscience.

The eyes and the brain are closely related, so much so that it is said that people obtain 80% of their information about the outside world from their vision. The brain has complex mechanisms governing various activities such as sensitivity, movement, thinking and decision-making through the five senses. Neuroscience makes it possible to ‘visualize’ these complex mechanisms and functions. Neuroscience technology continues to advance and evolve on a daily basis in order to clarify areas that have yet to be elucidated.

The neuroscience was the answer in evaluating comfort.

Until now, the evaluation of “comfort of vision” has been a subjective evaluation based on monitoring. In collaboration with National Institute for Physiological Sciences and National Institutes of Natural Sciences, where the world’s most advanced neuroscience research is conducted, we have carried out basic research based on how the brain sees when wearing lenses. We have improved the “comfort of vision” of our lenses by repeatedly evaluating and monitoring “comfort of vision” using the latest neuroscience and feeding this back into lens design.

The future driven by neuroscience.

Using data measured with a magnetoencephalograph, the lenses were designed using a unique method, comparing them with conventional products. The progressive lens, “Neuro Select” was born after more than 10 years of version upgrades of applying neuroscience technology to lenses that has evolved with the times. As people’s life expectancy is increasing worldwide, “visual life” and “seeing” must be considered as an even more important part of life. The accelerating evolution of neuroscience technology and spectacle lenses together is sure to lead our lives into a comfortable and secure future.

Making a stressless vision.

The most important point of lens design using neuroscience technology is the visualization of sensitivity. In other words, it is the quantification of comfort when viewing through the lens. In particular, the comfort and feeling of wearing progressive lenses, differs from person to person. To make a lens which provides visual comfort, the lenses were repeatedly verified using brain science and optical simulations. As a result, the clarity of the Neuro Select lens has been improved compared to conventional lenses. Neuro Select reduces stress caused by blurring, distortion and swaying, and aims to make progressive lenses comfortable for everyone to use.

Together with your life style.

“Neuro Select” enables users to “select” the optimum lens from a wide range of variations to suit their diversifying lifestyles and preferences. In order to provide progressive lenses that anyone can use comfortably, we at Tokai Optical will continue to create spectacle lenses that offer unique “value” to you.