Eyes and vision are the most important elements of comfort for people

People use their eyes for almost the entire time that they are awake. In addition, eyes are the most important organs for gathering information. People’s eyes play an almost unbelievably huge role in their everyday lives.
We believe that lenses that support essential eyesight, better relieve fatigue, and enable crisper, clearer vision are exceedingly important and are proud that we have been able to promote optimal comfort for the eyes of our customers in the role of a specialist manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses since our founding.

Above all else, the latest technologies should be people-friendly

Our lenses today reflect dramatic advances in technology when compared to ophthalmic lenses made when we first began operations sixty-five years ago.
Believing that the latest technologies should be positively responsive towards those who use them, we are in constant pursuit of lens technologies that can be harnessed to deliver clearer vision to people in a manner that is more natural and comfortable.

Factories that operate 365 days a year to fully meet the needs of our customers

In order to promptly fill orders submitted by customers nationwide, our factories operate twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. This has drawn much attention in the ophthalmic lens industry as being both revolutionary and progressive. We received even higher marks for the speed with which special processing orders are filled and delivered. The fact that customers are not made to wait even for lenses that incorporate the latest technologies is bolstered by a basic principle that calls for the entire company to act in a way that is consistent with a customer-first policy.

A sense of security and speed made possible by an integrated system encompassing all stages from the development of materials to sales

We have operated as an integrated ophthalmic lens company that is the only lens manufacturer in Japan to successfully establish an integrated system encompassing all stages from the development of materials to the design, processing, and sales of lenses. This integrated system confers a competitive advantage for us as a lens-specializing manufacturer by enabling us to precisely convey the latest technologies and achieve speedy response times in terms of providing product explanations and sales directed at retail eyeglass stores.

We are happy to provide advice on specialty lenses and all other matters pertaining to ophthalmic lenses

As the leading specialist manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses in the industry, we research, develop, and produce lenses for nearsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia, and other conditions, as well as polarized and photochromic lenses, convenient functional coatings, and ophthalmic lenses for medical use. In particular, we offer the broadest selection of products among Japanese manufacturers of color filter lenses lenses for medical use and are highly regarded by experts in the field of healthcare.