Tokai Optical’s own unique technology, which cannot be offered to the world by anyone else

In addition to seeing, which is their basic function, the eyeglasses of today must have the advanced and multiple functions of fashionability in that they look better as well as see better.
As we meet various needs in the senior market, where further expansions are anticipated due to the aging population, we address such development agendas with the three view points of differentiation, where we strive to undertake specific developments before any other company, high value addition that is unique to Tokai Optical, and uniqueness in creating barriers to imitation so that we stay unsurpassed by no one else.
Furthermore, we are actively engaged in the development of medical light shielding glasses and even more improvements in vision life.
We also utilize the technology and experience that we have fostered domestically to offer high-quality vision that only Tokai Optical can offer to countries that are beginning to face the issue of an aging population.

The seeds of innovation are in interactions with customers

It goes without saying that it is each and every customer that has supported us in our efforts at Tokai Optical as well as the opticians across the country that have shown interest in their concerns and opinions up to now.
Because we see that the seeds of innovation lie in interactions with our customers; we believe that it is our duty to never say that a request from a customer is impossible to meet.
There is always a solution to any problem – no matter how difficult it may seem.
Overcoming this obstacle gives us a chance to exert our originality.
This is something that we will never forget.
We are further broadening our channels in interactions with our customers, deepening communication, and finding clues to how we can open the way to the future together through daily interactions with them.

Aiming to become a company that brings smiles to the world as well as a group of engineers that freely transforms light

Tokai Optical has established an Optical Products Division, which applies the ability to control light that has been fostered through experience with eyeglass lenses, develops various optical thin film products, and produces various forms of technology that only an eyeglass lens manufacturer with advanced film formation skills can.
It was indeed our customers that brought to our attention the value of eyeglass lens technology, which we had overlooked in this new market.
We are not sure whether eyeglasses will continue to play a central role in vision correction as medical devices due to innovations in medical technology in the future.
This is why we will continue broadening our interactions with all kinds of customers and head out for new horizons as a company that freely manipulates light based on advanced eyeglass lens technology.

Further enhancing the value of the Made-in-Japan label

Tokai Optical has done business in more than fifty countries around the world.
However, this does not mean that we take overseas expansions lightly.
There is no other reason for this other than the fact that we have strictly adhered to an integrated system where we handle everything from development to manufacturing and sales in order to meet the needs of Japanese customers, who are the most demanding in the world.
This system has allowed us at Tokai Optical to enhance our products’ quality, delivery, and cost-competitiveness.
There is still much more for us to do here in Japan.
One is further deepening our efforts in environmental contributions as a company with responsibilities for the future of the earth and our region.
To Tokai Optical, Okazaki is a place for us to prepare for the next leap forward.
We will transmit a new value of the Made-in-Japan label all over the world and work steadily and boldly for its recognition.
You can be sure to anticipate more from Tokai Optical in the future.