Beautiful lens curve and comfortable managing both “to look” and “to see” suitable for wrap-round type frame

Modecinq is available in single vision and progressive designs, all made with Back side technology.


M.C.P. back side progressive design

Sways distortions are decreased by a back surface progressive design capable to use for curved frames.

It has achieved natural eye-movement by optimizing aberration at the nasal size of a lens corresponding to sway and distortion caused by the angle.

Distribution of power and astigmatism is improved considerably. The composite wide area design is adapted to the basic design.

M.C.P. retinal focus design

Made for comfortable binocular vision of the near sight by considering the change in the warp angle caused by curved frames.

Right and left insets can be chosen separately by 0.1mm. Without specification of the inset, the lenses will be designed with an ideal amount of inset for each numerical value by (1)Far PD and Near PD (2)Far PD and the punctum proximum length (3)Specification of the punctum proximum length


Ideal for wrap-round type frames

Wide field of vision

Modecinq provides a wide field of vision. The individualized backsurface aspheric design minimizes aberration and distortion. It encourages natural movement your eyes.

Omni-directional aberration correction

Omni-directional aberration correction

Wrap angle adjustment


* option
Mirror coating

Three colors available.
(Gold / Silver / Blue)
Progressive Single Vision
Index 1.76 1.76
1.70 1.70
1.60 1.60
Corridor 11/13mm