The essence of the latest technology in a single lens

We are a specialized manufacturer of spectacle lenses with an integrated system where we handle everything from the developing of lens materials to designing, processing, and distributing on our own.
The spectacle lenses that our customers normally wear without giving it a second thought are actually made with our most sophisticated technology and provide daily life with even more natural, comfortable, clear, and high-quality vision.

Sales in fifty countries around the world and global expansions

About 6.5 million eyeglass users in Japan are customers of Tokai Optical and we are making overseas expansions to places such as France, Italy, Belgium, North America, Southeast Asia, and more.
Tokai Optical is a company that offers the latest in spectacle lenses and has done business in fifty countries around the world.

Offering pleasant and comfortable vision to our customers

We develop and put into practical application of convenient thin lenses for those who prefer durability with never-before-seen ultra high refraction, offer a lineup of senior lenses, employ double-sided aspheric lens processing technology, and have developed the latest form of coating that prevents fogging and scratches.
We at Tokai Optical place our efforts in the developing of next-generation technologies in spectacle lenses every day so that we can provide our customers with pleasant and comfortable vision.

It is an important policy of ours at Tokai Optical to keep our rate of developers high at 10% among all of our employees so that we can continue realizing further comfort.

Sharing our ideas with Europe, where environmental consciousness is high

After deriving inspiration from Europe, which is very advanced in environmental coexistence issues, we were the first in the industry to achieve zero emission.
We are actively engaged in the 4Rs campaign.(the 4Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse to accept deliveries)

In response to societies that are showing sustainable development, which is now a global trend, we plan to continue with our efforts in environmental conservation as a company that is able to achieve coexistence and harmony with the natural environment.