Comfortable and eye-friendly lenses that cut out diffused reflections and glare

The hi-index polarized interior progressive-power 1.60/42 POLAR BS-C and hi-index 1.60/42 POLAR provide clear vision by cutting out diffused light that cannot be blocked with normal sunglasses with special polarizing film. They protect your pupils from glare in all situations ranging from those in daily life to outdoor activities.


Blocking diffuse refrections of light with a special polarized film

A special layer of polarizing film is inserted between the sides of each lens, such that invisible horizontal lines of transparent and non-transparent molecules comprising this film function to remove glare. The use of polarized film can be likened to the incorporation of window blinds into the lens, such that this polarized membrane operates by pivoting around the surface of land or water to eliminate reflected glare coming from above or below the lens at an oblique angle.


Suppressing diffused reflections from surfaces of the body and mirrors while maintaining clear vision to make driving easier.


Your course is significantly easier to identify with the suppressing of glare from objects such as grass lawns and leaves on trees.


You can find fish quicker with reduced reflections of light from the surface of the water.



Integrally cast

Polarizing film cast into lens, not laminated

Polarizing Efficiency

Over 99%

UV Protection

Nearly 100% UV absorption for UV A and UV B


Neutral and natural gray & brown

* option
Mirror coating

Three colors available.
(Gold / Silver / Blue)

1.60/42POLAR BS-C