It is easy to see with the POLAR because it suppresses reflected light and reflection.

The POLAR lenses are lenses which suppresses reflected light with the film inserted in the lens.
The film cuts out blue light and prevents glare and flickering caused by diffused reflection to ensure clear vision.
Now available in 12 colors for various purposes such as driving, fishing, golfing and more.



Effectively cuts diffused light

The POLAR ensures clear vision by reducing reflections such as from the windshield, and from buildings.

Reduces glare by cutting blue light

The POLAR cuts out more than 50% of all blue light which can be harmful to the eyes and effectively reduces glares.

A wide variety of colors

Now available in a total of 12 color variations. You can choose from for a variety of different purposes, lifestyles and preferences.


See the world as it is

◎Special color coatings that allow you to see colors close to as they are

Within the 14 color variation for the POLAR series we have prepare 2 special colors that further enhance your vision. The Neutral and Deep Sea are special colors which are prepared with a special coating. The lights which pass through is controlled to be equal as possible learning from the technology of a neutral density filter.
Together with the scratch resistant, dust proof, stain proof capability, and of course the glare reducing capability of the polarized lens, these special colors provide special fit for usage out door.

Learning from the technology used in cameras

This coating technology is developed by learning from the technology used in cameras. The neutral densitiy filters used in cameras reduces the amount of light without changing how you see the colors. This is done but maintaining the amount of each different light waves which passes through the filter equal as possible.

Effectively cuts diffused lights

The polarized filter ensures clear vision by reducing diffused reflections like a standard polarized kens

Reduced color change

Unlike ordinary sunglasses the Neutral and Deep Sea provides a vision with a more natural touch of colors

Durable for outdoor

The Neutral and Deep Sea are special coatings with high resistance to scratch, dust and stain.