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Tokai Optical Co., Ltd. released a new ultra-low reflection coating “Non-Reflection Coating(NRC)” Febuary 19th, which is recommended for communication over the screen using digital devices such as web conferencing and remote work.

The reflection of the lens is suppressed as much as possible, and the luminous reflectance ※1 is reduced to about 1/4 ※2.
Online communication is rapidly becoming widespread as a new lifestyle. If you look through the monitor, the light is emitted directly from the display, so you may be worried about the glare or reflection of the lens. NRC considers the wavelength perceived by the human eye and further suppresses the reflection of the coating to reduce the luminosity factor reflectance to about 1/4 compared to the conventional coating. No Reflection Coating has achieved an unparalleled sensed ref lectance of approximately 0.19%※3 in the world!

※1 Luminosity reflectance is defined in JIS T7334 5.4 Determining Luminosity Reflectance.This is the value obtained by calculating the visual reflectance ρV using the spectral reflectance value ρ (λ) and the formula specified in JIS T 7330.
※2 Comparison value with our conventional coating (Index 160 with PGC)
※3 Actual measured value of NRC with an index of 1.60. It is not a value designated by the manufacturer according to JIS T 7334.

For more information, please check to “No Reflection Coating” page.

No Reflection Coating(NRC)