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HomeNews Releases › 「REST PLUS] a new concept eye assist lens design will be added to the REST series on October 1st 2020.

Tokai Optical Co., Ltd. has released「REST PLUS」to be added in the REST series, a new concept eye-assist lens for everyday use that supplements the adjustability of the eyes, on October 1.

The eye assist lens “REST series” is a new all-day-wear lens that is designed to support the accommodation of the eyes and reduce eye strain.

With the REST PLUS, now the series is available in a wider variation of assist power.


REST (released in 2017)

REST Type A, Natural assist type : MAX assist power +0.50D under fitting point

REST Type B, Assist type for mainly desk worker. : MAX assist power +0.75D under fitting point



REST PLUS Type A : MAX +1.00D under fitting point

Secure assist type most favorable for those who use a personal computer, smartphone, or tablet at all times.

REST PLUS Type B : MAX +125D under fitting point

Supper assist type that supports those who constantly view screens on a multi-display for e-sports or work

For more information, please check to REST series page.

REST series