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The power unit D (Diopter) for eyeglass lenses has been set in steps of 0.25D. However, if the actually required power of your eyeglass lenses is between any two steps of 0.25D of the conventional 0.25D-step system, you cannot obtain your optimum power, and satisfactory performance cannot be occasionally expected from lenses. By making it possible to set the power of lenses in steps of 0.01D, lenses fit for your eyes can be produced, and it is also possible to exploit their outstanding performance.

The power step is 25 times higher than the conventional power step.

New option: “0.01D” setting

  • ・ Both S-power and C-power can be set
    in steps of 0.01D.
*Lenses will be delivered in accordance with criteria
complying with ISO 8980-1/2.

Applicable products

  • ・ PL back-surface/double-sided aspheric lenses
    (including Eye Assist)
  • ・ PL back-surface/double-sided progressive additional lenses
    (for far-near vision/middle-near vision/near vision)
*Excluding some products