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People in the generation suffering the deterioration of the amplitude of accommodation of the eyes develop the following tendencies:

“ClairArte” has been developed to meet the needs of progressive lens users.

ClairArte features a new balanced design created by changing the ratio between the far vision and near vision areas and focusing on near vision.

“VERTICAL RISE” design – addition implementation control that keeps the clear zone high and wide

VERTICAL RISE design adjusts the amount of the movement of the eye from far vision to near vision, which increases due to the deterioration of the amplitude of accommodation, by changing how the addition is implemented to the lens.
Even if the add increases, this technology realizes a smooth movement of the line of vision with reduced changes.

“DIGITECH-CORE5” design – distortion control that contributes to greatly reducing sway and distortion

Developed to minimize sway and distortion, which are the main causes of “difficulty in getting used to” and “discomfort of use” peculiar to progressive lenses, the newly designed engine “DIGITECH-CORE5” is adopted.
It realized a natural feeling of wearing with less sway and distortion by adjusting the amount and direction of distortion in an elaborate manner and on a completely different level.

Lenses with a corridor length of 9 mm, which help the line of vision turn
downward with a reduced burden, are available.

The color depth of the lens changed in response to sunlight. Thus, it is not necessary to change eyeglasses and sunglasses both indoors and outdoors.

It cuts out diffused reflection and glare. It is suitable for fishing exposed to severe glare on the water surface and skiing to prevent the dazzle of the snow surface.

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■ Lineup of “ClairArte”

Design Product name Index Standard
Photochromic lens Polarized lens

1.76 ClairArte 1.76 SPS
1.70 ClairArte 1.70 PGC
1.67 ClairArte 1.67 PGC
1.60 ClairArte 1.60 PGC