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両面累進+両面非球面設計 新設計エンジン搭載

Sways and distortion have been disadvantages for progressive lens users.
These are major factors that make the user feel “difficult to adapt” and “difficult to use.”
Our new designing engine,“DIGITECH-CORE 5” has been developed and installed in to the “EASYONE WS” to reduce sway and distortion to a minimum.
The “EASYONE WS” is a fusion of double surface progressive + double surface aspheric design that has achieved a high-grade level of comfort.

Seamless sight with suppressed sway and distortion

“Double surface progressive + Double aspheric design and “DIGITECH-CORE 5” controls sways and distortion.


Comfortableness which was not possible before is realizes with the combination of the double surface progressive + aspheric design and the DIGITECH CORE 5. From considerations that the difference of magnification and minimization effect due to the power difference on far and near vision causes the uncomfortableness when worn, the double surface progressive + double surface aspheric design of EASYONE WS has been design to reduce this difference by aligning the difference of this magnification (minimization) effect close as possible. Further more the new calculations of the DIGITECH CORE 5 allow further reduction of distortions, thus provides a more natural vision with less sway and distortion then ever before.

Progressive Aspheric Surface 12 levels of front curve

Progressive Aspheric Surface 12 levels of front curve

Distortion has effectively been compensated by adopting the progressive lenses for double surface that are otherwise vulnerable to complex changes according to the power conditions. The progressive aspheric surface on the front surface has an original concept of aspheric surface. It allows the curve of the far-vision area as well as near-vision area of a lens to change 12 variations according to power.

Soft and smooth sight with less blur

Aberration is substantially reduced leading to the improvement of sways and distortion. The maximum aberration is suppressed to a minimum to improve the ease of use at the intermediate to near-sight zones, providing a soft and smooth sight with less blur.


“EASYONE” responds to your enjoying mind with Active Mode.

Best compensation is added to eliminate
“deviation of the sightline” and “power error in the sensed visibility degree” that generate due to the angle of warp varying among frames,
improving the wearing feel.

Angle of warp: 0.0°-15.0°(in increments of 0.1°)