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The combination with the one and only 1.76 index material provides the thinnest in the world

The worlds # 1 index 1.76 material, now combined with the exclusive double surface aspheric lens design makes the lenses 50% more thinner than conventional plastic lenses It is a lens recommended for high power.

(S-6.00 TOKAI reserch)

※The benifit is according to measurements from the designed data. (mm)

The merit of the exclusive double surface aspheric of the “GO”

By reducing the power error and astigmatism, comfortable natural vision is realized

The shallow base curves provide a clear face line even with an eyewear

A clear natural vision is achieved all around the sight. Less stress and more comfortable ness realized. 

Recommended For…

  • Customers Wanting a Thin Lens
  • Customers Conscious of Face Line
  • Customers Wanting a Lighter Lens
  • Customers with High Cylinder
    (C±1.00 and more)