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Next-generation double-sided aspheric lens

“Hi-ResTech,” which is the technology for clear vision design, has been upgraded to a double-sided aspheric lens. It has evolved into a high-performance lens through which you can enjoy a clearer, more natural, and more comfortable field of vision.

Double-sided aspheric”optimal” design integrating the optical technology

A natural field of vision with extremely few distortion and blurring is realized by Tokai Optical’s unique double-sided aspheric design.

1.Dedicated front-surface aspheric design for double-sided design

The adoption of the dedicated aspheric design contributes to realizing both improved optical characteristics and a low base curve.

Surface curve setting by type

The best multi-curve is set for each power. Even if the power is different between the right and left lenses, their curves will be automatically adjusted.

2.Omni-directional aspherical design for optimal back surface

Made-to-order aspherical design optimized to the power, curve, thickness, and size of the lens after an order is received. An ideal aspherical design best suited for each customer will be applied to the back surface of the lens.

Optimized to each

Optimum and high performance is realized by eliminating variations in optical performance by powers.

Optimized to each
cylinder powe

Omni-directional aberration corrections are made to astigmatism powers. Clearer and wider fields of visions are thereby realized.

Optimized to each
(Plus power, mixed power)

Aspherical design is created for each lens considering its size. Thus, the lens will demonstrate optimal optical performance with the shape after cutting.

Expanding the clear field of vision

HR-W maximizes natural vision by a design which controls light to concentrate at the fovea centralis.

Clear and comfortable to the surrounding area of the lens

HR-W takes in consideration binocular vision and maximizes the clearness by compensating aberrations following how you will see with both eyes.

A special option desing for near vision

You can choose according to the distance you want to see by purpose-specific distance design.

Near-vision design type (Design exclusively for eyeglasses for very near vision)

Clearly Near(CN)

You can select a near-vision design type exclusively for very near vision, which is best suitable for office work, smartphone operation, reading, etc.

A beautiful form of the entire eyeglasses is created.

Four types are available for
“Front curve select”.

Optimum matching between the frame curve and the lens

General aspheric lens

The frame curve and the lens curve do not match, and the lens protrudes outward.

HR-W (5curves)

The lens is fitted neatly into the frame because the lens curve is shaped to the frame curve.

*Compared to another lens of Tokai Optical

Design for each HR-W type

Sophisticated original design.
HR-W comes in two types
and meets customer needs.

Focusing on vision (Clearly)

Higher clearness than Bi-AS (C). Clear and natural field of vision.

Focusing on thinness (Shapely)

Highest index in the world*1 Incredible thinness realized by combination with 1.76.
*1 Comparison between lenses of plastic materials. Surveyed by Tokai Optical in August 2023.

Performance Clearly Shapely
Thinness of lens
Distortion correction
Blurring correction
Face line distortion correction

Lens customized to each user with a wide variety of options

For users at different ages and for diversifying lifestyles
– we can offer lenses best suited for them with a wide variety of options.
HR can help you find joy in everything you do and see.

Individual [design options]

i Location Remix

The wrap angle, the pantoscopic angle, and the vertex distance are different among individuals, and the three-dimensional positional relationship (i Location) between the eyes and the lenses, which can be obtained by measuring them, is optimized by reflecting it in the design.

Individualization according to frame shape [Adding lens shape data to i Location Remix]

Individualization according to frame shape realizes the ideal vision of high quality with excellent optical performance by considering how the lenses would be mounted to the frame whereas conventional lenses are only edged on a fixed aspheric design.

■ Lineup of “HR-W Series”

Design Brand name Index Standard
Front curve selection
2C 3C 4C 5C
Custom made
1.76HR-W 1.76 SPS
1.70HR-W 1.70 PGC
1.60HR-W 1.60 PGC
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