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The next-generation back-surface aspheric lens “HR” offers each user the lenses best suited for him/her in combination with an ever-clearer field of vision realized by “Hi-ResTech”, which pursues clear vision, and a wide variety of options.

Maximizing natural vision by fovea centralis transmitted light design

Clearer field of vision by fovea centralis transmitted light design considering fovea centralis light flux


Fovea centralis transmitted light design

What is the fovea centralis?

The fovea centralis is a part in the retina with maximum visual acuity and is located slightly closer to the ear from the center of the eyeball. When a person looks at an object, he/she unconsciously tries to look at it through the fovea centralis.


New design ensuring maximum natural vision

Unique transmitted light optimum design considering the “fovea centralis” where the visual acuity of the retina is the highest. HR is the next-generation back-surface aspheric lens that ensures the maximum natural power of the eye.


The side vision of the lens is also comfortable by the aberration correction of both eyes.

The vision when both eyes look at the side is clear by aberration correction in a simulation of the line of vision of both eyes.


Design by purpose-specific distance (2 types)

Either [regular-use design type] or [near-vision design type] can be selected according to the desired distance.


Regular-use design type

The regular-use design type enables the user to clearly see far scenery. It is best suited for driving and shopping.

Near-vision design type(Design exclusively for eyeglasses for viewing objects at hand)

The design exclusive for hand distances, which is best suited for deskwork, smartphone, reading, and so on.

Lens customized to each user with a wide variety of options

For users at different ages and for diversifying lifestyles
– we can offer lenses best suited for them with a wide variety of options.
HR can help you find joy in everything you do and see.

Individual [design options]

i Location Remix

The wrap angle, the pantoscopic angle, and the vertex distance are different among individuals, and the three-dimensional positional relationship (i Location) between the eyes and the lenses, which can be obtained by measuring them, is optimized by reflecting it in the design.

Individualization according to frame shape [Adding lens shape data to i Location Remix]

Individualization according to frame shape realizes the ideal vision of high quality with excellent optical performance by considering how the lenses would be mounted to the frame whereas conventional lenses are only edged on a fixed aspheric design.


Front curve select

Optimum matching between the frame curve and the lens

■General aspheric lens

The frame curve and the lens curve do not match, and the lens protrudes outward.
※Compared to another lens of Tokai Optical

■ HR (5 curves)

The lens is fitted neatly into the frame because the lens curve is shaped to the frame curve.
※Compared to another lens of Tokai Optical

Ray style [High-function color lens]

■Line-up of HR