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Point 1:

Light color for the eye areas to make oneself look distinctive and more beautiful

Point 2:

Ultraviolet ray cutoff performance, to protect the eyes and the skin (99.9% cut off), and effectively block blue light, which causes eye strain

・My TONE COLOR cuts off 99.9% of ultraviolet rays harmful to the eyes and the skin, and protects the eyes.

・Effectively blocking blue light, eye strain, glare and flicker can be reduced.In addition, things look clear.

Point 3:

Adopting a low-reflection coating that provides the effect of making oneself look good on the screen during remote work and when taking photos

・My TONE COLOR lenses are less affected by reflections and can develop their original colors, the eye areas look beautiful.

・Images and looks will be beautiful on the screen when working remote and when taking photos.

Easier to use and more comfortable