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Human beings have had the enriched culture of communicating
with one another through slight eye contact or emotional expressions.
Today, however, people have communication through the network,
and it is becoming difficult for us to take full use of this.
That’s why now is the time for me to use
the ultra-low ref lection coating
“No Ref lection Coating,” which prevents
ref lections on the eyeglass lenses and keep
my eyes clearly visible,
and find a newer lifestyle in which
I can become truer to me.

Conventional lens

Dissatisfaction with conventional lenses
Glaze annoys me.
The lenses are susceptible to fouling.
Plastic lenses are likely to get damaged.
Light ref lects on my eyeglass lenses during a web meeting.
I want to make my eyeglasses look much more attractive.

No Reflection Coating

Characteristics of new lenses that resolve dissatisfaction
*Unparalleled level in the world
Sensed ref lectance of approximately 0.19% achieved
Lenses are ultra-water-repellent and easy to clean!
Lenses are ultra-scratch-proof as a standard feature and insusceptible to scratches!
I do not feel annoyed with ref lections during a web meeting!
My expressions look much more vivacious!

(*)This is the actual measured value of NRC with an index of 1.60. This value is not designated by the manufacturer according to JIS T 7334.

No Reflection Coating has achieved an unparalleled sensed ref lectance of approximately 0.19% in the world!
New standard focusing on luminous efficacy
Visible reflections will be reduced!

Light reflects on my eyeglass lenses in a web meeting. Because I am watched over the display, what is indispensable impression for me is looking attractive to other people. Compared with conventional lenses, lenses applied with No Reflection Coating are significantly low in reflectance. These lenses suppress light and make my eyes look clear.

Most favorable also for remote work! Dedicated original colors adopting a digital filter reduce blue light by approximately 13%!

Our eyes are strained as we use personal computers, smartphones, tablets, and many other various digital devices.
The pale colors, which match well with the skin, not only reduce blue light but also give a much better impression over the display.
These lenses are recommended to those who expect both functionality and fashionability from lenses.

Ultra-water-repellent, ultra-scratch-proof, anti-static No Ref lection Coating provides eyeglasses with higher ease of use and comfort!
(MSC standard)

Anybody wants to keep everything he/she wear at all times clean and long-lasting.NRC is insusceptible to fouling, resistant to scratches, and less likely to attract dust.
NRC is easy to clean and enables you to enjoy your daily life with eyeglasses.

*This is the actual measured value of NRC with an index of 1.60. This value is not designated by the manufacturer according to JIS T 7334.
*The spectral characteristic may vary depending on the material or coating.
*The actual colors are different due to printing.
*All photos and illustrations are just images.

Make your eyes appealing and clearly visible in various scenes in the new lifestyle!

Web meeting
In a web meeting, other participants can see only your face on the display, and the impression of your eyes is the most powerful weapon!

Remote work
Even in communication through the display, ultra-low reflection lenses make your expression and smile more attractive.

The impression of the eyes is very important when you send a message. It will give your message much more persuasive power.

Identification photo
No problem even if you wear eyeglasses. Your eyes will be clearly taken in the important photo, which favors your first impression.

Commemorative photo
Needless to say, you want to get yourself taken with smiling eyes in memorable photos, don’t you?

You will be watched by many people, but you will feel sorry if something reflects on your lenses …

Precautions for use

  • If dirt, dust, or another foreign substance is found on the lens, clean it with water first. Then, remove moisture with tissue paper, and wipe the lens with a dedicated eyeglass cloth.
  • Even coated lenses, which are scratch-proof and improved in durability, may get damaged or the coat may cause a crack if they are subjected to an excessive impact or handled in an inappropriate manner.
  • Even plastic lenses will get damaged if they are subjected to a strong impact.
  • Before using these lenses, do not fail to read the “instruction manual.