With the latest technology, the “P-UV” saves your eyes by preventing UV exposures.
The “P-UV” cuts out the reflecting UV in addition to the UV transmitted from the front as of standard UV cutting lenses.
We are exposed to UV-rays due to desperation and reflections where ever we go.
Save the eyes, all directions, anywhere with the TOKAI “P-UV” in the “EYE CARE DESIGN”.

Standard UV cut lenses can not prevent

exposures to the reflected UV

Even if the lens has a UV cutting capability that does not mean it can prevent all the UV exposures to the eyes. P-UV not only prevents the UV from the front but also effectively prevents exposures from the reflected UV. It is a lens that has a high level UV protection capability.

P-UV cuts out 95% of the reflected UV.

The reflected UV is the UV that is reflected from the back surface of the lenses when the glasses are worn.

*Standard AR (Multi) Coat cuts out 70% of reflected UV.