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Tokai Optical Co., Ltd. released the next-generation doble-surface aspheric lens “HR-W” on December 1st.

The HR-W will provide a High Resolution vision field, clear throughout the lens.

The “Hi-ResTech”, which is the design technology for designing a clear vision, has been upgraded to a double-surface aspheric lens. It has evolved into a high-performance lens which avails users to enjoy a clear, more natural, and more comfortable field of vision. The newly added double-surface aspheric optimal design, which combines optical technologies, provides a natural field of vision with extremely few distortions and blurring.

Design for each HR-W type

Sophisticated original design. HR-W comes in two types and meets customer needs.

  • Type focusing on vision (Clearly)

   Higher clearness than Bi-AS (C). Clear and natural field of vision.

  • Type focusing on thinness (Shapely)

   Highest index in the world*1 Incredible thinness realized by combination with 1.76.*2

*1 Comparison between lenses of plastic materials. Surveyed by Tokai Optical in August 2023.
*2  Compared with Tokai Optical’s S-6.00 CR spherical lens

New concept of clear design technology “Hi-Res Tech”

  • Expanding the clear field of vision

 HR-W maximizes natural vision by a design which controls light to concentrate at the fovea centralis.

  • Clear and comfortable to the surrounding area of the lens

HR-W takes in consideration binocular vision and maximizes the clearness by compensating aberrations following how you will see with both eyes.

  • A special option desing for near vision

  You can choose according to the distance you want to see by purpose-specific distance design.

For more information, please check to “HR series” page.