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TOKAI OPTICAL CO., LTD. released advanced blue light clocking coating that helps users look at things naturally and look to be natural to others at the same time, “Blue Cut Prime” on April 1st.

Conventional reflecting type blue light blocking coatings faced issues such as “I feel bothered when other people look at my eye areas because the surface of the lens dazzles blue.”, “I feel bothered with flicker when the light reflected on the back surface of the lens enters my eyes.”, “I feel bothered with unpleasant ghost, which cause double vision by the double reflection of light coming from an oblique direction.” and other complaints.

TOKAI OPTICAL CO.,LTD. developed “Blue Cut Prime”, a blue light blocking coating that absorbs and blocks blue light but with a coating reflection in a more common green color.

Blue Cut Prime has adopted “Blue absorption power filter” to help users see at things naturally and to look natural to others at the same time.
The Blue light is blocked by the light absorbing layer newly developed through the latest technology, and brings softer and easier light to the eyes.

  1. Less glare on the surface of the lens, and a natural look of the eyes.
    Suppressed reflection, less glare even when light reflected on the lens surface. Maintains a natural look.
  2. Comfortable vision with minimum flicker
    Reduces flicker caused by light reflecting off the road surface and entering through the back of the lens.
  3. Unpleasant ghost is reduced
    Reflection on both surfaces and ghost are reduced, there is no excessive light, and objects are clearly visible.
  4. For more information, please check the page on “Blue Cut Prime”.
    Blue Cut Prime


    *The “Blue Cut Prime” may not be available in some regions and or countries.