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Individualization will be enabled for the “HR series” from April 1st, 2024.

The next-generation back-surface aspheric lens “HR” and double-sided aspheric lens “HR-W” offers each user the lenses best suited for him/her in combination with an ever-clearer field of vision realized by “Hi-ResTech”, which pursues clear vision, and a wide variety of options.

In addition, in order to achieve a beautiful overall shape of the spectacles, “Front curve select” enables Optimum matching between the frame curve and the lens, and high-function colored lenses such as photochromic lens are available for a variety of lifestyles, and the specifications are designed exclusively for hand distance with sharper vision at close range, enabling a wide selection of usage scenarios. The new model also offers a wide selection of usage scenarios.

And now, as a enhancement, we have newly added the “Individual” design option, which has evolved the product to its complete from. With the addition of this design option, it is now possible to specify i Location remix, which reflects the customer’s individual data (the warp angle, the pantoscopic angle, the vertex distance) in the lens design.

In addition, the aspherical surface design can be designed individually, taking into account the data of the frame shape. This can provide superior optical performance and realize high-quality vision comfort.

For more information, please check to “HR series” page.