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New contents release “Recommended eyeglass lens diagnosis”.

Recommended eyeglass lens diagnosis’s top screen

While frame selection tends to be at the center of “purchasing eyeglasses,” such as “does the design look good on me” and “does it feel comfortable to wear,” lens selection is very important in solving problems related to the way I see.However, there is a wide variety of eyeglass lenses in terms of design, materials, coatings, colors, etc., making it complicated to select the right lens for you and making it difficult to choose eyeglasses.

In this “Recommended eyeglass lens diagnosis” recommended spectacle lenses are diagnosed by selecting one’s own lifestyle and important functions from two patterns of “lens products” and “lens functions. 

Diagnosis of lens products according to eye conditions, e.g., for myopia or bifocals
Diagnosis of features that make glasses more comfortable to use, e.g., color and coating

This application will propose a product perfectly fit for you “Recommended eyeglass lens diagnosis”

The addition of the new content, in addition to the traditional site search method, makes it easier for those who do not know which products are right for them to search for products.

Recommended eyeglass lens diagnosis’s menu screen



Recommended eyeglass lenses based on each individual’s different lifestyle and the functions that are important to them

By answering around 15 questions, we will select and offer recommended spectacle lenses.

Recommended eyeglass lens diagnosis’s screen image

On the results screen, in addition to the recommended products, you can see the type of product and the image of how it looks.
*If you select only functions, only recommended products will be displayed.

Recommended eyeglass lens diagnosis’s result screen image

Clicking on a recommended product will display more detailed product information.
If you are inconvenienced by the way you see with your spectacles or if you are not sure how to choose spectacle lenses, please try our “Recommended eyeglass lens diagnosis”.

This application will propose a product perfectly fit for you “Recommended eyeglass lens diagnosis”