The amount of ultraviolet rays we are being exposed to have been increasing in the recent years due to the depletion of the ozone layer. We take various measures in the care and protection of our skin from ultraviolet rays in daily life. But how do we protect our eyes from ultraviolet rays? We feel that not many people are aware of how to protect their eyes from ultraviolet rays.

Therefore, we would like to introduce the very important roles played by spectacle lenses with ultraviolet protection as effective measures for protecting your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Why do people try to avoid ultraviolet rays?

Light waves with short wave lengths have various effects on the human body because they are high in energy. Ultraviolet rays that are close to visible rays have some very good aspects such as producing Vitamin D, but we all know that they can also cause serious damage to the eyes and skin depending on the amount of rays the human body is exposed to.

There have also been increased amounts of a form of ultraviolet rays with relatively short wave lengths and high energy known as UV-B(315~280nm) in recent years in Japan due to the depletion of the ozone layer. UV-B can cause problems such as skin cancer and blemishes.

The form of ultraviolet rays that we are particularly exposed to on a daily basis is known as UV-A (400–315 nm), which is ultraviolet rays that is close to visible rays with relatively long wave lengths. UV-A easily reaches the earth’s surface even on cloudy days and enters the eyes and skin to affect them.

This is why our eyes are constantly exposed to ultraviolet rays in various situations throughout our daily lives. We will introduce why protection of our eyes from ultraviolet rays is important through the following three concrete examples.

Ultraviolet protection is especially important for children.

Why do children need lenses with ultraviolet protection?

It is said that most of the ultraviolet rays that people are exposed to throughout their lives is irradiated by the time they are eighteen years of age. Protection from ultraviolet rays are especially important for students who spend long periods of time outdoors such as through club activities or children actively playing outdoors.

* Made based on observations by the WHO (the World Health Organization)

Care for beautiful skin with ultraviolet protection.

How do lenses with ultraviolet protection have an effect on care for beautiful skin?

Corneal inflammations due to ultraviolet rays that enters the eyes are transmitted to the brain as stress and cause secretions of stress hormones. This increases production of melanin in the skin, which causes blemishes and wrinkles. Maintain beautiful skin by protecting your eyes from ultraviolet rays the same way you protect yourself with skin cream and sunscreen lotion.

Ultraviolet protection for preventing cataracts.

Why are lenses with ultraviolet protection effective in preventing cataracts?

Ultraviolet rays are the cause behind various eye disorders and it is said that 20% of cataracts are caused by ultraviolet rays. Senior citizens should take extra precautions in preventing cataracts with ultraviolet protection.

* Made based on observations by the WHO (the World Health Organization)

So what makes eyeglasses with lenses that offer ultraviolet protection effective?

Ultraviolet rays not only scatters when falling directly from above, but also when its light rays are reflected off the surface of the ground or molecules and aerosol particles* in the air as well. Its effects on the eyes change in accordance with this scattered light.

Even if ultraviolet rays is blocked out under trees or with hats or parasols, you can still be exposed to it from unforeseeable directions through reflected light and scattered light. (* “Aerosol particles” are fine particles in the air such as yellow dust and chemical pollutants)

Reflected light and scattered light as well as 90% of the ultraviolet rays that tries to enter our eyes can be blocked out by wearing eyeglasses with lenses that offer ultraviolet protection. They become even more effective by choosing frames that fit our faces well.

Tokai Optical recommends that you wear spectacle lenses with ultraviolet protection as part of your daily life in order to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays, which comes from all directions.

Light shielding glasses increase contrast with their anti-glare effects when glare is experienced outdoors.

Ultraviolet protection is a standard feature for plastic lenses offered by Tokai Optical.

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