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Tokai Optical Co., Ltd. released a new color “SURFBLUE” on May 10th, which combines the trend color of sunglasses with the photochromic lens made of LUTINA material.

LUTINA PHOTO has the eye health protection feature of the LUTINA material, that is “cutting off all ultraviolet rays,” “effectively blocking light and HEV detrimental to the eyes,” and “protecting lutein that protects the eyes,” and the glare reduction feature of photochromic lenses, that is “density of the color that changes with ultraviolet rays,” “protecting the eyes from glare,” and “living comfortably all day long without changing eyeglasses.”
Combining these two features, LUTINA PHOTO realizes higher-grade photochromic lenses that can help people protect eye health and live comfortably by reducing glare.

As a result of adding SURFBLUE through which eye expressions are visible to the LUTINA PHOTO series, you can offer wider proposals to more customers.


For more information, please check to “LUTINA” page.